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transforming your existing spaces into magical, engaging and inspiring multisensory and immersive environments.

Aurora sensory and immersive spaces offer a calming, inspiring and engaging place to escape and learn

As one of the  market leaders in delivering multi-sensory and immersive environments,  we create sensory and immersive rooms, cabins, pods and mobile solutions for a range of environments and places, accessible to everyone irrespective of age or ability.

Each sensory and immersive project is customised to suit the intended use, creating an individual and unique space for creative and inspiring learning, imaginative exploration and a tranquil and serene place to unwind.


Aurora sensory and immersive spaces

Convert an existing space to create a truly unique sensory or immersive learning environment. Each room is designed based on the requirements of the user and installed to the highest specification. Whatever space you’re looking to transform there is no project too large or small.


Aurora sensory and immersive cabins

An outdoor structure designed to resemble a traditional wooden cabin. Manufactured from the latest composite materials, this traditional looking cabin cleverly houses a variety of sensory and immersive technologies.


Aurora sensory and immersive pods

Standalone indoor and outdoor sensory spaces. Pods are semi-permanent structures which are guaranteed weatherproof. Manufactured from aluminium, pods are contemporary indoor or outdoor structures which can be created in any shape or size to house the latest sensory technology.


Quite literally delivering multi-sensory technologies to your door step. Mobile spaces allow sensory provision to be shared across local authorities, multi-academy trusts or other partnerships, without compromise.

Aurora Sensory Rooms

Our range of multi-sensory spaces are highly versatile and controllable environments, which can be created inside an existing room or in dedicated purpose-built outdoor structures, such as cabins and pods.

Our sensory solutions move an individual or group away from their current situation, into a safe, calming environment.

sensory rooms
Immersive rooms

Immersive Rooms

Bring the real world into your school through an immersive environment.

Immersive spaces allow teachers to take their students beyond the classroom, giving them experiences that they would not ordinarily encounter.

Take students anywhere you desire such as outer space, back to the 1940s or venture into the deepest darkest woods.

By controlling elements, such as temperature and lighting, you can create experiences, which best suit your students’ learning needs.

Introducing SenEgg!

SenEgg, the new self-contained sensory haven, provides mobile, individual immersive experiences.

Designed with maximum versatility in mind, SenEgg can be used in public spaces, education, health care and even the home, offering a safe, controlled sanctuary within any existing space.

Applications include relaxation, sensory stimulation, immersive experiences, gaming and beyond.

SenEgg can be customised to include a wide range of immersive technologies to suit your application and environment.

Find out more about SenEgg.

Every sensory and immersive environment we create is a unique and individual project.

Bespoke design for every client

As an Aurora sensory and immersive spaces specialists, we will meet with you to discuss what you’re looking to achieve and establish your requirements. They will also provide advice where needed on the best technologies to achieve the desired effects and draught an estimate for budgetary purposes.

Whilst there are similarities between our projects – no two are ever the same. If you’re at a stage where you’d like to move forward, our designers will then create some 3D illustrations of how your sensory and immersive space could look when finished.

Complimentary products


An award-winning interactive floor solution for education. Learn through play and physical movement.


A versatile interactive surface with a multitude of fun, intriguing and stimulating activities..

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