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Catchbox Plus - Improving engagement

Catchbox Plus Microphone

The Catchbox Plus Microphone is a complete, wireless, throwable microphone system, which is soft, safe and perfect for student and audience engagement.

Simple to use, featuring wireless charging support for convenient and effortless operation. DECT technology allows you to connect two Catchbox transmitters to the same receiver simultaneously. A presenter microphone is also available.

Catchbox Microphone - Improving Engagement
Engage Your Audience with Catchbox -
A Throwable Wireless Microphone

The Engagement Microphone

Easy to throw to anyone at a moment’s notice, the Catchbox guarantees all students and conference delegates are heard, but also promotes active listening in case the box happens to land on them!

Catchbox makes audience participation fun and collaborative, encouraging even the most nervous of attendees to join in.

Use alongside the SoniQhub in your conference space.

Catchbox Microphone - Engaging Audience
Make your Catchbox your own!

Customisable design

The Catchbox is made from durable and light weight foam material and is designed to protect both the inner electronics, as well as the audience members.

Customise your cover to fit your brand identity or event’s theme, by selecting the colour and by adding your logo or design.

All Catchbox microphone products come with outer covers.

Improves engagement with pupils

The complete solution for your classroom

Provide voice amplification, record your classes and facilitate hybrid learning with our comprehensive wireless microphone system.

Who should use Catchbox?

Engagement for any situation


Place your brand at the heart of the discussion. Encourage meaningful participation amongst employees and create a culture where ideas are shared freely across the company.

Catchbox Plus - Education


Break down barriers to engagement in the classroom. Create an environment where every student feels comfortable speaking up and sharing their thoughts.

Catchbox Plus - Events


Curate amazing events where ideas can come to life. Use Catchbox to captivate your audience and encourage greater interaction between speaker and audience.

Features you'll love

Technology you can trust

integrates everywhere

Simultaneously use balanced XLR, unbalanced 6.3mm / 1/4in or USB audio outputs on the Receiver.


Patented Technology temporarily switches off audio when the Catchbox is, thrown, caught or dropped.

Catchbox Plus Features

Robust, licence-free radio

Using industry-standard DECT technology, Catchbox ensures uninterrupted digital signal and operates licence-free.


The Cover is made from stain-repellent and water-resistant fabric, which makes it easy to keep your Catchbox looking good.

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