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Our Divoom Product Range

A retro range of pixel art products, that provide a fun and engaging way to teach computing, art, animation and more.
Introducing the Divoom Product Range


Browse our Divoom product range.  We have a selection of funky, stylish and retro inspired pixel art products, which allow you to create, share and display cool pixel art images and animations. Enjoy your favourite tunes through quality bluetooth speakers, play retro games, or explore the many other smart features. A collection of styles and colours means there’s a Divoom for everyone!

Divoom Pixoo Backpack Product

Pixoo Backpack

Showcase your pixel art creations wherever you go with the most fantastic bag ever made! Our new Pixoo Backpack is stylish and practical and will certainly help you get noticed with its bright 16×16 pixel display.

Power from any standard USB power bank for maximum playback time, Pixoo Backpack is fully weatherproof, allowing you to take your pixel art on the move. This backpack is programmed via the Divoom app, as with all other Divoom pixel art devices. 

Pixoo-Max Pixel Display

Meet Pixoo-Max – our most popular intelligent pixel display board with a 9.6” LED screen. It is our most advanced LED pixel screen with a 32×32 pixel size display. A significant upgrade from the previous generation in terms of clarity and stability.

Divoom Pixoo Max Digital
Divoom Timoo Pixel Art Speaker

Timoo Pixel Art Speaker

Compact and feature-rich with an animal-inspired character. Within an adorable body, it is full of fun and surprises. Explore a world of pixel art, excellent audio and intelligent functionality.

Timoo incorporates a 16 x 16 pixel display and 6W DSP tuned full-range driver, as well as a bass port for great visuals, sounds and useful smart device functions, including games, fun tools and more! Available in a range of cute and fun colours.

Tivoo retro TV inspired pixel art speaker

Tivoo is a retro TV-inspired pixel art speaker, featuring a bright 16 x 16 display and a 6W DSP tuned, full-range driver and bass port, delivering unbelievable sound.

Tivoo is available in various colours and offers several useful smart device functions, including games, fun tools and more!

Divoom Tivoo Pixel Art Speaker product
Tivoo-Max Pixel Art Speaker product

Tivoo-Max Pixel Art Speaker

The Tivoo Max is a cool stereo speaker system that comes with a programmable LED screen!

You can hook up your phone or computer to this audio system and listen to all of your favourite songs with the incredible 2.1 stereo drivers and active sub-woofer.

But having an epic stereo system is only half of what makes the Divoom so great. It’s got a self-programmable, 256 LED display to sync your songs with just the right visuals.

The Pixel Factory

The Pixel Factory is an impressive new pixel art drawing board that features a large 16 x 16 pixel touch display. The tactile user interface and mechanical style controls are simple to use and appeal to younger children. Design art and animations with ease, play games and enjoy other smart features such as stopwatch, timers and more within the Pixel Factory.

Divoom Pixel Factory image
Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Speaker


Retro arcade design, coupled with many of the features of Tivoo, Ditoo includes a bright 16 x 16 pixel art display, with a 10W DSP tuned full-range driver and bass for superb audio. Classic mini-games, such as Tetris, 8-ball and Snake, ensure there is plenty of fun to be had, in addition to creating your pixel art and animations. Available in a range of funky colours.

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