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How do you keep your office printers and multi-functional devices clean?

Recommended Cleaning Method For Office Printers/MFPs.

With many of us now returning to work, and not all businesses having a secure non contact software/print solution with their devices, (we can happily help you with this) we are regularly being asked the best way to clean these products, so we have put the following guidance together.

Please be sure to wear protective disposable rubber or nitrile gloves during the cleaning of any equipment to protect skin and avoid contamination. It’s critical to avoid touching your face, eyes, and environmental surfaces (door handles, keyboards, etc.) while wearing gloves and sanitizing device(s)

Recommended Cleaning method:

Be sure to disconnect the power cord before cleaning

Apply a small amount of approximate 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to a soft cloth (Do not use undiluted Isopropyl Alcohol)

Gently wipe down the outer surface of the product

After disinfecting, copier/scanner glass should be cleaned again using an office glass cleaner.

After cleaning, gloves should be discarded, and hands washed immediately for 20 seconds with soap and warm water.

Ensure surfaces have completely air-dried before turning the device on after cleaning. No moisture should be visible on the surfaces of the product before being powered on.

Do not:

Do not spray cleaners directly onto the product

Do not use saturated, soaked or dripping wet material to clean the product

Do not get liquid inside the unit Especially, be careful not to get liquid from the edge of scanner glass.

Do not clean the product while it is turned on

Do not use abrasive substances or abrasive cleaning materials (e.g. scouring pads, etc.) to clean the product

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