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There are many ways we use SMS to market our business, and Transactional SMS is just one of those ways.

Transactional SMS is a term that relates to SMS messages that are sent to a customer after they have completed an action or process. They are often automatically sent (Application to Person – A2P) directly to the end customer. With the automation of these message they are helping a business not only with their workload but will also improve their customer’s experience.

These Transactional SMS messaging can help reduce calls into the contact centre thus enabling the Agent to stay focused on the job in hand, helping your business to keep ahead of the opposition. In a world when the majority of customers are now wanting self-serve options, and demanding excellent customer service, we are seeing more and more transactional SMS messages being implemented and sent.

Mobile Marketing Ideas

With over 90% of SMS messages being read within the first three minutes, mobile SMS is the perfect way to get your messages out. Here are some ideas to help keep your customer base engaged.

  • Tell your clients about special events
  • If your hotel has a restaurant, pool or golf facilities, promote these – particularly during the quieter months
  • SMS a link to your ‘new’ menu – include a short code so they can book there and then
  • Send information about new services – babysitting, new in-house hairdresser, new fitness classes etc.
  • If you are in a beautiful location, share that – put some images on your website and include a link to them. Inspire people to visit!
  • Promote events in your location, recommend shopping experiences, museums, excursions, etc. Tie this in with an all-in-one weekend package.

For more information on how SMS can be part of your business process or to arrange a free trial please use our contact form or give us a call on 02382 357940.

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