Managed Print Services

Increase the performance and effectiveness of your print infrastructure.
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Managed Print Service Excellence

Us lovely Guys and Girls at DM IT And Office Print Solutions optimise your entire document environment in five flexible, carefully designed phases.

Customised to the size and unique requirements of your business, our process starts by identifying weak spots in your current infrastructure before seamlessly implementing solutions to cut costs and improve ongoing performance.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is tailored to the specific size and needs of your business. By understanding your pains, we are able to give you real solutions in a simple, four-step process.

Managed Print Services are a set of services offered by an external provider to optimise or manage a company’s document solutions and output with the goal of enhancing workflows, increasing productivity and driving efficiency, while reducing downtime.

The definition of Managed Print Services is a fully integrated program that helps organisations streamline their printing fleet. It involves document management experts who analyse your printing usage and needs to rapidly identify opportunities for optimisation.

With this approach, you can quickly reduce printing costs and avoid device downtime, capitalising on the tools at your disposal to become more efficient and productive in how you manage documentation.

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Other MPS services we offer

Multifunctional printers

A dynamic business commands the very best in technology and customer service. DM IT & Office Print Solutions is a leading supplier of multifunction printers (MFP), which combine printing, copying, scanning and fax functions into one unit.

Through our partnerships with several manufacturer’s such as Hewlett Packard, Konica Minolta and Canon, we supply our customers with cost-effective and practical state-of-the-art range of multifunction printers to meet their every demand.

Single function printers

Our single function printers place broad functionality at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a wireless, networked or standalone black and white or colour printers, we offer fast, high quality, user friendly products that will boost your businesses productivity.

3-D Printers

Our affordable, easy-to-use printers are perfect companions for any full-size 3D device.

Easily accommodated in any workshop or office, they are the ideal tool for producing proof of concept prints, have an unrivalled range of connectivity options and are bundled with all the software you need to get started right away.

Wide Format Printers

We are specialists in providing wide-format printing and scanning machines and other specialist equipment, providing exceptional service and expertise to customers across a diverse range of industries.

We can supply large-format photographic and fine art printers, production machines, CAD printers and plotters, large-format scanners, laminators and more. We will deliver, install and train you on each device to help you get the most from your investment.

Secure print management solution

Scanning & Workflows

Digitise your office environment by optimising document scanning processes to create highly efficient, affordable and auditable workflows.

Automatically recognise and classify documents and capture essential data by turning a paper document into an electronic version at the touch of a button.

Reducing labour intensive tasks will increase employee productivity, enabling them to get on with the jobs that matter to them instead of filing documentation.

Card Creasers

Why pay way over the odds for high-quality creasing when you can get outstanding results from an affordable desktop machine?

First-class quality digital finishing is quick and straightforward with CreaseStream’s ground-breaking approach to creasing and perforating.

All CreaseStream Mini machines feature the world’s first and only rotary creasing technology – developed by printers for printers.

Printer consumables

Whether you’re looking for guaranteed print quality or high performance, use our wide range of genuine OEM manufactured consumables to deliver superior results with peace of mind. We can supply original toners, waste toner units and inks at cost-effective prices.

Managed Print Services FAQs

Managed Print Services can be a complex topic for beginners. Here, we explain some of the answers to frequently asked questions to help you to get your head around doubts and questions like what are Managed Print Services, how can it help your company and what’s needed to work with MPS.

With MPS, your devices are constantly updated in line with the latest available updates. This helps ensure that both data and devices are protected against new security threats.

This is the print service provided by the manufacturer of a device and is particularly common in mobile devices. It has very limited functionalities and, as the name suggests, is a basic printing resource.

We use several tools including Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) and Kyocera Net Manager (KNM) which are principal software solutions required to ensure an optimal MPS.

These Fleet Services help reduce your operating expenses and downtime. It also makes sure that your devices are constantly upgraded with the latest security updates so that your network remains safe.

Kyocera Net Manager provides the essentials to print and scan in a smarter, more efficient manner; while giving users the option to personalize device configurations to better suit their needs.

For an MPS assessment, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a visit to your office(s). MPS assessments essentially conduct a complete analysis of your printing infrastructure and quickly highlight areas for improvements, while recommending the necessary solutions. These help to optimise your workflows and show areas for improvement, perhaps upgrading devices or bringing more in, or maybe even reducing the number of devices.