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Multifunction printers

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What are multifunction printers?

As the name suggests, multifunction printers offer many features besides basic printing.

A multifunction printer may offer all kinds of features, such as scanning and photocopying and may even include fax.

By combining all these services into one package, you get a device that can serve several different purposes and still be economical to use, easy to purchase or lease and equally easy to set up.

Multifunction printers

advantages of multifunction printers

Here are some of the benefits of multifunction printers for your office:

Multipurpose printers have been designed to problem solve, and by leveraging their ability to play many roles, they can do this quickly and efficiently.

To give a typical example, you can be able to scan a document and save it on your computer, all from one device.

Later, you can fax a document to a colleague when you need to. Likewise, you can make copies of important documents to share and print out some soft copies from your computer. All this from just one device.

Space Savings

Just as with saving on cost, having a single device that can perform several different functions will be friendlier on your floorspace than having three separate devices.

With a space-saving device, you also benefit from much less clutter than if you had several devices around with cables crisscrossing around the room. With a multifunction device, you can minimize the space used by equipment, leaving more room to move freely.

Cost Savings

When considering initial purchase costs, buying a multifunction printer (MFP) will be more expensive than buying a single function printer. We recommend leasing to avoid any capital expenditure. The benefits will start to be visible when you also need to scan, and you’re left with no choice but to buy a scanner. Then you find out that you also need to fax!

As you can see, the costs will continue to stack up until you realize that it had been cheaper all along to have a single device that can do all those functions instead of buying several standalone devices.


By having just one device that performs all your needed tasks, you don’t need to switch locations when you want to print a document and then move to a different desk to perform scans. Over time, this can result in more productivity, especially for busy people.

Save On Power Consumption

Besides space and cost, multifunction printers come with the added benefit that you can save on power usage. Consider the cost of plugging three or four separate devices into an electrical outlet compared to just one.

With several different types of equipment, you may encounter some additional power costs., However, all of our multifunctional printers are energy star rated.

Potential disadvantages

Total Loss In Case Of Failure

Since all functions are integrated into one device, if the machine fails, you can lose everything. For example, if a power surge fries your printer, you will no longer have a copier or a scanner. However, with a managed support contract in place, you would have an engineer on-site in an average of 4 hours.

Upgrade Barriers

With a single function printer, upgrades can be made simply by replacing the old device with a new one. The same is not possible for a multifunction device. It is not possible to upgrade just the printer. You would be required to replace the entire device, which may mean getting a new copier, scanner, or even fax.

If you do not like the scanner quality or the fax capability, you will have to get an entirely new device as a replacement.

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