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Pixel Backpack

the most innovative BACKPACK

Divoom Pixoo Pixel Backpack Overview

The Divoom Pixoo Pixel Backpack is a must-have. Share the love you feel for your favourite band, artist, sports team, or vlogger by projecting their logo on your bag. 

You’re even able to display how you feel, and this is the ultimate talking point!

The beauty of the Pixoo is that there’s no long-term “commitments”. Don’t bother with outdated, permanent statements like writing, patches, or drawings. When you fancy a change now, all you have to do is re-programme the LED display using your smart device.  Thanks to this, the bag will grow with you through any phase whilst still looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

The coolest bag ever made

This bag doesn’t just look great, and it’s made from the finest quality materials available on the market.  Thanks to its splash-resistant design, it can handle any elements thrown at you whilst delivering a consistent performance. 

The illuminated backpack provides bike-mount control. This means you’ll be able to travel safely, feeling confident that any passing driver can clearly see you.  Whether you want to check the time, play games, or even receive social media notifications, it will feel like anything is possible with this on your back.

Power from any standard USB power bank for maximum playback time Pixoo Backpack is fully weather proof allowing you to take your pixel art on the move. 

Programmed via the Divoom app as with all other Divoom pixel art devices. 

Please Note: The Backpack does not come with a 2.0A powerbank. This must be bought separately.

Product Details

The versatile Pixel Backpack

  • Use with Divoom Smart App

  • Create any pixel art animation

  • Alarm clock

  • Mini games

  • Travel safe with illuminated backpack

  • Bike-mount control

  • 16 x 16 pixel display


Connect to the Divoom App


Select from a good range of retro games

Pixoo Backpack


Splashproof backpack


Listen to music on the go

Lightweight Traveller

From laptop to wallet, Pixoo backpack offers
different compartments to fit everything you
need to enjoy the day.

Pixoo Backpack

  • 10.8 x 5.9 x 15.1 inches (275 x 150 x 385mm)
  • Made from polyester fiber, cross-linked polyethylene, EVA, and XPE
  • Two-tone grey and black design
  • 16×16 pixel 9.44 inch (240mm) square display
  • 2-10W power draw depending on the animation
  • No battery supplied
  • Enough room for a 12/13 inch laptop

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