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Scanning & Workflow

Store and share documents more securely and effectively with a scanning and workflow solution that increases productivity while
helping the environment
digitise your office and Free your organisation of paper

Our scanning & workflow solutions helps your employees work smarter and faster, not harder

Des your company have inefficient business processes because it’s still using a paper-based workflow?

We can help move your organisation towards utilising a digital workflow.  Our scanning solutions turn paper documents into digital documents, enabling employees to capture, store, access and share them securely anytime and anywhere.

This can start with using a MFP (multi-functional printer) in your office.

Your MFP can be connected to databases, cloud services, email and electronic content management systems.

Leveraging the scanning power of a multi-functional printers can be an efficient method of transitioning to a digital workflow. 


Scanning & workflow - work smarter and faster
Printers2Go Document Management

Users can leverage applications with the MFP to scan, index, process, share, and route documents to their end destination in their preferred format.

In many cases, customised scan profiles can be configured and embedded on the device down to the individual user, so workers can tackle scan jobs simply with the touch of a button.

Our insight into understanding your document processes

We would seek to understand key business processes around the flow of documents in the organisation so our workflow solutions can be used to make these more efficient.

  • What are the most vital or critical documents you regularly used

  • Who has access to these documents and what security controls are in place

  • Which repetitive tasks are carried out within your company on daily, weekly or monthly basis

  • How do you store your documents currently and how are they retained

  • How many employees are involved in the above and what are the different touch points

Scanning & workflow

advantages of scanning

Key benefits scanning and workflow

When you consider workflow automation and enhancing workflow efficiency, you may not be thinking of your multi-function printer that includes scanning and copying. 

After all, it seems like in a digital-saturated workspace, the moment you introduce paper, your workflow comes to a standstill in exchange for data entry and document filing. However, the latest multifunction printers (MFPs) are designed to seamlessly integrate into your digital workflow.  See some of the functionality below.

smartscan scanning

Smart scan

Simple one-click operations for scanning and faxing that save time and money.

workflow smart fax

Smart fax

Turn your MFP into a fax machine with SmartFax.


Print & follow

Secure print release without the need for a server.

Quick Print

Enjoy easy access to templates and files and print directly from the panel of your MFP.

pinpoint scanning software

PinPoint Scan

Scan from your MFP to your PC with speed, functionality and versatility.

Cloud Connect

Easily print from and scan directly to the cloud (free of charge).

Language Select

Switch between all languages set on the device with one click.

Colour Control

Lock the colour copy function of your device to reduce output costs.

Teaching Assistant

Streamlines the task of printing, grading and analysing multiple-choice tests.

SharePoint Connector

Scan to and print from Microsoft SharePoint directly from the MFP.


Simply scan from your MFP, directly into your mailbox (free of charge).

scanning scannow plus software

ScanNow Plus

Intuitive scanning to Fax, FTP and USB at the touch of a button.

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