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Immersive experiences

Self-contained Sensory Haven

Introducing SenEgg, our new self-contained sensory haven provides mobile, individual immersive experiences.

Designed with maximum versatility in mind, SenEgg can be used in public spaces, education, health care and even the home, offering a safe, controlled sanctuary within any existing space.

Applications include relaxation, sensory stimulation, immersive experiences, gaming and beyond. SenEgg can be customised to include a wide range of immersive technologies to suit your application and environment.

SenEgg Gamer

This gaming pod immerses you in the game and can be customised to suit your needs. Dynamic ambient lighting, surround sound, vibration systems and more take gaming to the next level. Supported platforms include:: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo & PC

SenEgg Relax

When your day becomes too stressful and you just need a few minutes to yourself, the Relax pod offers the perfect sanctuary to help you unwind. Surround yourself with tranquil scenery, mood lighting and soothing sounds to escape the tension of overbearing environments. Take a moment to RELAX.

Experience other worlds and places, create new adventures with SenEgg Immersive. Used to deliver stimulating experiences for SEN, rehabilitation, education, training and more. Featuring the latest sensory and immersive technology, all elements of the experience can be controlled making it easily tailored to your application. Truly the first of it’s kind.

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