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AV and Sensory Equipment

Enhance learning experiences through our sensory and immersive solutions
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Bespoke & inspiring sensory and immersive experiences

We customise each sensory and immersive project to suit the intended use, creating a unique space for creative and stimulating learning, imaginative exploration and a tranquil place to unwind.

Tango Touchscreens Interactive Solutions

Tango Touchscreens

Tango touchscreens are a new range of large interactive display solutions that excel in several situations. Whether it’s a classroom, conference room, or office, Tango touchscreens are incredibly interactive compared to standard equipment.

At DM IT & Office Print Solutions, we have supplied a vast range of interactive touchscreens to customers across the UK for many years. If you’re interested in placing an order for a Tango interactive touchscreen, then please get in touch with us.


Introducing our brand new solo immersive experience, SenEgg. Applications include relaxation, sensory stimulation, immersive experiences, gaming and beyond.

senegg - sensory equipment
Aurora Sensory equipment & Immersive spaces

Aurora Sensory & Immersive spaces

Bespoke sensory and immersive environments, which provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

WizeFloor GO

Interactive floors are a fun and collaborative learning tools ideal for education, care homes, retail, leisure & more!  We are a leading UK distributor for WizeFloor interactive floors.

WizeFloor Interactive Floors

Funtronic Interactive Floors

The Funtronic Floor is an interactive projection tool that is a didactic aid designed for exercises, games and all motion-based activities. Together with a set of multimedia content it is intended for children of all ages and levels, as well as for rehabilitation for the elderly.


AppiTab is a rechargeable, mobile touchscreen nursery table, available in a range of appealing colours. Engage children in a fun and creative way using our brand new interactive touchscreen table.

Catchbox Products

Catchbox Microphone

Engage your audience with Catchbox, the world’s first soft throwable microphone. Catchbox is a great tool for fun and collaborative audience participation.


Ensure your presentations are clearly heard with the new SoniQhub 360 degree voice reinforcement and audio hub.

SoniQhub 1
SensoryScent - Sensory equipment


Specialist scent delivery solutions to enhance a memory, add to a user experience or improve brand identity.

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