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Single-function printers

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What are single-function printers?

Unlike multifunction printers, a single function printer does only one task.

With a single function printer, all you get is a standalone printer, designed to print well.

With a multifunction printer, you may sometimes compromise a little when it comes to performance to get the extra features; unless you opt for a more expensive AIO. However, a single function printer can give you excellent output consistently at a fraction of the cost of an AIO. This can save you some money if you do not need the extra features.

Single-function printers

advantages of Single-Function printers

Here are some of the benefits of single-function printers

These printers give you the optimum solution for large-volume printing with a high-quality finish in the quickest time.

Pay For What You Need

When you buy a multifunction printer, you essentially pay for the device itself and all the features that it comes with. Well, what if you don’t need to copy or fax? With a dedicated single-function printer, you pay for the function you need.

There’s no need to spend extra cash on features that you’ll hardly ever use when you can get a simple device that serves you just right.


If we make a head-to-head comparison, buying a single-function printer will be significantly cheaper than buying a multifunction device. Additionally, many single-function printers also cost less to operate, resulting in run-time savings.

You Get Decent Quality

Investing in an excellent single function printer will give you better printing capabilities than a multifunction printer can. This is because a multifunction device will, in many cases, cram features into a form factor that is almost the same size as a single function device.

This means that you end up cutting some corners during manufacture to accommodate the features resulting in a device that, despite being good enough, is no match for a single function printer.


Single function printers are a lot more specialised in what they do. They are not a jack of all trades like multifunction printers.

For example, if you are looking for a printer with a specific type of ink, i.e. pigment over dye-based inks, or a printer that can print on cardstock, you will probably go for a single function printer. Specialised printers can get pretty expensive.

Potential disadvantages

Limited Features

With a single function printer, you can only do a limited number of things. However not the case with a multifunction device. If a user needs to do something else like scan, a separate device would be required, which becomes inefficient with large and mixed workloads.

Cost Factor

The problem of high cost begins to be evident when you find yourself having to buy other devices to make use of features that your single function printer cannot offer. When you look at it, having several standalone devices can cost a lot more than having a single multifunction device.

Not Suitable For Offices

Single function printers are not suitable for busy offices. Since they are limited in their features, they do not cater to all the tasks performed in a typical office environment.

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