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Increase the performance and effectiveness of your print infrastructure.
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Our software & security solutions

Whether you need your business to send SMS Messages to customers, protect your business from cyber attacks, automate your AP processes or make your organisation more efficient with using electronic signatures – we have a range of solutions below to meet your needs.

Security software - SMS Messenging

SMS Messenging

When you need to send short and accurate messages to customers, partners, or employees,
SMS text messaging represents a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate.

Protect your business from cyber attacks

Sophos develops computer security software, providing  encryption, network security, communication endpoint, email security and mobile security as well as Unified Threat Management products.

Sophos security services helps secure your company data
and protect your business from cyber attacks.

No business can afford the cost or disruption that comes with successful cyber attacks.  Especially under stringent data
protection laws.

As a Sophos Partner, we can bring their leading security solutions to your  business.

Sophos cyber security software
Kofax Power PDF solution

Power PDF

Everything you need to manage PDFs at a lower cost than Adobe.

Packed with features and easy to use, Power PDF is fully scalable and ready for any business—at an unbeatable price.

Electronic Signatures

Businesses need signatures to complete transactions, finalise contracts, and make agreements for the future. Signing and receiving signed paperwork should be easy, not plagued by bottlenecks and slowdowns. Get the required signatures back quickly and allow your staff to get on with business.

Digital signatures restore speed to your processes with a more modern approach to traditionally paper-based workflows. Using integrated tools such as Kofax Power PDF and SignDoc, you can add signatures securely and while notifying the receiver, making the whole process smoother.

Kofax electronic signature solution
Secure print management solution

Secure Print Management

Printing efficiency and flexibility are of equal importance for the corporate and the educational sector.

At the same time, organisations from small and mid-size companies to global enterprises, as well as educational institutions, usually operate on limited budgets and have to keep print costs in check. Adopting YSoft SafeQ as the print management solution of
choice, all these targets can be met, costs minimised and overall productivity increased.


Accounts Payable Process Automation

An agile accounts payable department is an essential element of a successful back office, but achieving speed at scale is nothing short of a major challenge.

Even for established companies, the lingering presence of heavily manual workflows for processing invoices can be a major factor in slow payments. Errors, lost paperwork and frequent bottlenecks translate into unhappy suppliers and missed deadlines.

Automation is one of the best cutting-edge technologies for your business to consider when seeking to reduce the manual process elements of AP.

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