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The Pixel Factory

Unique pixel art drawing board that develops a child's creativity by allowing them to paint and make pixels animate through our pixel factory drawing board
The Pixel Factory

The Pixel Factory is an exciting, friendly pixel art drawing board, featuring a large 16 x 16 pixel touch display. The tactile user interface and mechanical style controls are easy to use and appeal to younger children. Create art and animations with ease.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, the Divoom app unlocks even more functions and you can also access Divoom’s huge online pixel art gallery/community.

Product Details
  • Aesthetic & Retro Design

  • Touch Screen Drawing

  • Children Friendly Button

  • Interaction & Community

  • Inspire Creativity & Imagination


Pixel Factory

Our Pixel Artboard has a 5000 mAn battery capacity and can work up to 14 hours after charging.

Charged with a USB Type-C cable, you can still charge it in the car even if the painted panel loses power while traveling. This will be a great companion for your child’s journey.  Brilliant gift for kids: built-in mini-games, displayed in pixel form.

After painting, your child can have different fun and get different inspirations. It’s the perfect birthday, Christmas, and other holidays to come.

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