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Thermal Imaging

No escape…Thermal Temperature Detection

Thermal cameras

Thermal imaging has evolved past just seeing in the dark. The uses of this technology vary but can be applied to protection, warning, asset management and health.

Many industrial companies, public institutions, authorities, and health organisations are using thermal imaging technology to protect their assets and employees and provide proactive warning systems.

Using heat signatures and applying ranges based on the environment and the application MOBOTIX Thermal Solutions helps mitigate overheating, risk of fires, identify elevated temperatures and enable first-line defence in complete darkness and during the day.

With MOBOTIX overlay, you can distinguish actual events, risk areas and react faster while still having a secure overview of the site in question.

Detecting Fire in Waste Disposal Facility

Within 8 seconds of detecting the source of a fire, it automatically triggers an alarm at 81 degrees Celsius.

Detect temperature differences

More and more companies, authorities and institutions use MOBOTIX thermal technology as a proactive warning system.

MOBOTIX TR (Thermal Radiometry) technology allows you to measure thermal radiation in the entire image area and assign a temperature value to each pixel.

Getting Back to Business With Support of the
Intelligent MOBOTIX Video Technology

The world has changed. Special rules and regulations apply to many areas, such as trade, service industries, public buildings and squares, airports, railway stations, companies and schools.

MOBOTIX Video Technology Helps You Manage the New Requirements

MOBOTIX video technology helps you manage these new requirements. From additional apps in the latest MOBOTIX 7 generation cameras, with analysis and thermal imaging technologies, to specially developed add-on solutions from MOBOTIX‘s Technology and Solution Partners.

Not to mention, these robust and multi-functional camera systems with edge technology are sure to retain their value well after the pandemic is past us, with an Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 80,000 hours.

The software can also be easily upgraded at any time for numerous new industry-specific tasks.

Accurate People Counting

In many areas, like shops, schools and public buildings, there are increased restrictions on maximum capacities for the number of visitors, customers or employees. In order to determine the current numbers in real time, entries and exits must be monitored.

MOBOTIX video technology can do this reliably and effectively for you.

  • Count people entering and leaving buildings or premises at a central entrance and exit (e.g. at doors, turnstiles) in real-time
  • Monitoring multiple entrances/exits using multiple cameras creating one consistent capacity count
  • Entrance control via live screen display or traffic light function

Detect Overcrowding

In addition to monitoring inputs and outputs, it is important to monitor certain zones separately.

Social Distancing, i.e. the correct observance of minimum distances, reduces the risk of infection and protects against severe fines.

Therefore overcrowding in highly frequented areas should be avoided, for example, in queues at cash registers or in waiting ar

Modern video technology from MOBOTIX can automatically detect such scenarios and provide visual and acoustic warnings.

  • Detection of social distancing, overcrowding and queuing situations
  • Determine of the number of persons and the occupancy rate in defined areas
  • Alarm when user-defined threshold values are exceeded

Protect Areas and Detect Masks

Not only is the number and spacing of people in areas important, but in some cases there is also a face mask requirement.

In many places the wearing of mouth/nose protection is encouraged, and some where masks must be checked for compliance.

In addition, there are sensitive zones which must be specially protected, like sterile zones, healthcare or

MOBOTIX keeps an overview for you.

  • Mask detection and warnings in cases of non-compliance
  • Preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Setting up multiple crossing lines prevents false alarms

Detect Temperature Abnormalities

The MOBOTIX TR (Thermal Radiometry) technology measures thermal radiation of people and objects in the entire image acquisition area.

MOBOTIX thermal technology does not replace medical devices, but it can help to analyse critical situations in order to decide on further action.

Taking into account the ambient conditions and using a black body radiator, a measurement accuracy of about 0.3 degrees Celsius can be achieved on surfaces that are 30 to 45 degrees Celsius warm. The M16 and S16 Thermal Radiometry (TR) models automatically alarm when the temperature exceeds or falls below defined limits.

  • Detection of persons/objects and their surface temperature
  • Visualisation of temperature difference
  • Alarm on exceeding or falling below defined temperature ranges

Monitoring High Risk Processes

MOBOTIX thermal cameras monitoring the process of incineration at a waste incineration plant

Monitoring High Risk Processes

An example of MOBOTIX thermal cameras in waste incineration plants

Detect Motion From A Long Distance

With the VGA thermal modules, more details of the scene can be seen, larger areas can be covered and temperature differences can be recognised from a greater distance

Detection of Sources of Fire

Using MOBOTIX thermal cameras makes it possible to detect even the smallest sources of fire, e.g. a lit cigarette.


Whether compact or flexible: always reliable and powerful!

MOBOTIX M73 Thermal

M73 as High-End Thermal Imaging Camera

The MOBOTIX 7 camera M73 can now be equipped with 50 mK thermal sensor modules – even retroactively! Thanks to the increased number of pixels with the VGA thermal modules, even more details can be detected, even larger areas can be covered and temperature differences can be recorded from even greater distances.

MOBOTIX M73 Thermal

S74 - The Flexible Thermal Camera

The S74 with thermal sensor modules is the flexible MOBOTIX thermal camera. The modules (CIF or VGA) are flexibly connected to the concealed camera housing with cables up to three meters in length. This allows both special installations as well as efficient surveillance of several areas with just one camera.


M16 Thermal

The intelligent video system with an integrated high-performance thermal image sensor takes full advantage of the M16 camera design. Thanks to the two directly adjacent lenses, there is also a thermal overlay function with image overlay (thermal and optical) to pinpoint the exact location of hotspots like smouldering fires in a visible image.

M16 Thermal TR

“TR” stands for thermal radiometry. This means that, in addition to carrying out the existing MOBOTIX thermal camera functions, these cameras feature a calibrated thermal image sensor that enables them to measure thermal radiation across the entire image area, even down to individual pixels. The power consumption of a MOBOTIX Thermal TR is less than 8 watts.

S16 Thermal

S16 Thermal

MOBOTIX present the most flexible dual thermal camera in the world. It is possible to connect either one or two weatherproof thermal sensor modules to the easily concealable camera module with up to three-meter-long sensor cables. The design concept of the S16 means that even thermal cameras can have particularly discreet and customer-specific special installations.

S16 Thermal TR

Temperature values measured by the TR technology can automatically trigger an event from the camera (alarm, call, activation of a signal output etc.) if the temperature increases above or decreases below an individually set trigger level. All settings can be adjusted via the camera firmware using a web browser.

Proven in practice

MOBOTIX & Hekatron

Kuhn Rikon, Switzerland

• Smooth operation for 2 years
• 5% increase in production
• System applied to other machines


ZAK Waste Management, Germany

• Fire protection: Alarms at -40 up to +550°C.
• Resistant to weather, dirt and dust
• Process optimization

Your Homes Newcastle

Your Homes Newcastle

Your Home Newcastle protects their properties and residents by continually monitoring temperatures with a combination of MOBOTIX Thermal imaging cameras and OpenView’s early fire detection system.

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