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TivooMax Pixel-Art Bluetooth Speaker

The TivooMax Pixel-Art Bluetooth Speaker is the flagship model of the pixel art speaker lineup.

It features a pair of pair of stereo speaker, with a rear sub-woofer and bass port design. Beside its extremely powerful audio, it’s also a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm and a versatile tool box.

Powered by its mobile application, Tivoo-max will continue to evolve through the software updates, where it will bring more excitements and fun into the daily life.

Tivoo-max is available in a range of different colours and it offers numerous useful smart device functions, including games, fun tools and more! 

Product Details

Tivoo-max has it all:

  • Create any pixel images and animations with the built-in app

  • Social media notifications

  • 48 Built-in sleep aid & alarm profiles

  • Schedule planner

  • 40W speaker w/bass port

  • Includes games, fun tools and more!

LED Bluetooth Speakers

Along with its 5.7" LED screen, the Tivoo-max features a 2.1 stereo audio with the active sub-woofer. The 40 Watts of power delivers surprisingly loud room filling volume. Suitable for Home or Outdoor use.

DIY Pixel Art Kit

Easily access over 1000 designs in the Divoom app community and get inspiration to create amazing pixel art design at your fingertips

TivooMax Pixel-Art Bluetooth Speaker Benefits

Magic of Light

Capable of 16 millions of color, the Tivoo-max provides an immersive lighting experience. You can convert your Tivoo-Max into a message billboard. Just enter your message and let it play, it looks amazing!

daily tools

Over 30+ daily functions includes receiving notifications from social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram, checking the time, weather and temperature.



  • Dimensions: 184.5L x 163W 86H mm
  • Output Power: 40W
  • Battery Charge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Playback Time: Up to 10 hours
  • Bluetooth Compliant: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Weight: 1490g
  • Charge: via USB cable

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