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Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Smart Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Tivoo is a retro TV inspired pixel art speaker, featuring a bright 16 x 16 display and a 6W DSP tuned, full range driver and bass port, delivering unbelievable sound.

The Tivoo is available in a range of different colours and offers numerous useful smart device functions, including games, fun tools and more! 

Product Details

The Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker has it all:

  • Create any pixel images and animations with the built-in app

  • Social media notifications

  • Smart alarm clock

  • Schedule planner

  • Play traditional pixel games

  • Includes games, fun tools and more!

Retro Bluetooth Speakers

The Tivoo Bluetooth speaker only takes a space of 3.9 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches; 6 Watts of power delivers surprisingly loud volume. Perfect put in office, dorm room, apartment, garden, garage, campfire, beach - whatever you need it to do.


Access over 1000+ designs in our app community to get inspiration for creating amazing pixel art designs at your fingertips. There are also numerous pixel art creation tools for you in our Divoom app, you are free to spark your imagination with this smart pixel kit.

Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker


The Tivoo uses square design that blends modern technology with retro classic aesthetics. It combines the latest digital audio tech with a retro funky TV shape appearance - it's just like being back in the golden age of music, while enjoying a soothing moment in today's busy life.

daily tools

Connect to the Divoom app to get quick notifications from social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. You can also check the time, weather and temperature.



  • Dimensions: 100L x 83W x 83H
  • Output Power: 6W
  • Battery Charge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Playback Time: 10 hours
  • Bluetooth Compliant: Bluetooth V5 smart
  • Weight: 380g

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